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The right choice if you prefer to spend your holidays away from the crowds: you will enjoy the beauty of nature, hidden beaches and village life.

Termini is a small village, located on the promontory of Punta Campanella, the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula. Right in front of Capri, on the hill at the foot of Mount San Costanzo (330 meters above the sea), the hamlet of Termini enjoys an enviable position in terms of landscape. The origin of its name could possibly be derived from its proximity to the end of the Sorrento Peninsula (termine = end).

The village of Termini is the starting point for some of the most beautiful trails in the area. From here it is also easy to reach the famous beaches of Marina del Cantone or the more hidden beaches of Cala di Mitigliano and Capitan Cook.

Properties in Termini

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