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The most authentic way to take home a holiday souvenir is learning some secrets of the local cuisine: with cooking classes in Sorrento your success is assured!

In one lesson you can learn how to cook simple and tasty dishes of traditional Italian and local recipes: homemade pasta, sauces, meat or fish, side dishes of seasonal vegetables, desserts, and other typical dishes of our Southern Italy.
At the same time you can practice with the Italian language, and learn the idioms and expressions of our popular language.

Pizza & Gnocchi Class

3 hours | min 4 persons
€ 60 per person

Pizza & Gnocchi is the shortest cooking class,
ideal for families with kids.
It is available every morning at 10 am.

3 Dishes Class

4 hours | min 2 persons
€ 80 per person

3 Dishes Class: antipasto, fresh pasta, fish or meat.
You can choose your menu.
Please contact us for availability and menu.

Vegetarian Class

3 h 1/2 | min 2 persons
€ 85 per person

The Vegetarian Class includes 4 dishes: antipasto, pasta, main course, dessert.
Please contact us for availability and menu.

Request your cooking class in Sorrento

Please contact us for further information and to request your cooking class.

Your cooking class will be held in a large kitchen specially designed to make your holiday a perfect culinary delight.
All the dishes are made only with the freshest of ingredients and follow typical recipes that have been handed down for many generations.
Each cooking class lasts approximately from 3 to 5 hours concerning the option you choose.
Each class is followed by either lunch or dinner based on the lesson’s subject.
Meals are accompanied by suitable wines and mineral water and limoncello.


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